Safely run customer code in your app.

Riza lets you run untrusted code from multiple customers in a secure sandbox embedded inside your application.

  "name": "Amelia Johnson",
  "birthday": "1988-05-18",
  "country": "US",
  "phone": "(555) 123-4567"
1from datetime import datetime
3def transform(name, birthday, country, phone):
4    if country != "US":
5        name = ""
6    dt = datetime.strptime(birthday, "%Y-%m-%d")
7    return {
8        "name": name,
9        "phone_last4": phone[-4:],
10        "birth_year": dt.year,
11    }
  "name": "Amelia Johnson",
  "birth_year": 1988,
  "phone_last4": "4567",


Data transformations & validation

Give your customers the flexibility to customize your product with the full power of code.

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Customer-made connectors

Get your engineering team back to building product instead of bespoke integrations.

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Multi-tenant database UDFs

Run user-defined functions written by your customers in a secure sandbox embedded in your database.

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LLM customization

Give your model power tools executed in a secure sandbox to customize your generative AI application.

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Blazing fast

Functions are compiled to WASM and cached aggressively.

Secure by default

Each execution happens inside its own sandbox with CPU, memory, and network limits.

Flexible deployment

Cloud hosted, hybrid, ByoC, on-prem. Even in-process!

Truly multi-language

Write functions in JavaScript, Python, Go, Rust, and more

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