Let customers bring their own connectors.

Riza lets you run untrusted code from multiple customers in a secure sandbox embedded inside your application.

interface storage {
  get: func(path: string) -> string;
  put: func(path: string, contents: string);
1import io
2import boto3
4class S3Storage(storage):
5    def __init__(self):
6        self.bucket = "example"
7        self.s3 = boto3.client('s3')
9    def get(self, path):
10        f = io.BytesIO()
11        self.s3.download_fileobj(self.bucket, path, f)
12        return f.getvalue().decode()
14    def put(self, path, contents):
15        self.s3.put_object(
16            Bucket=self.bucket, Key=path, Body=contents)

Let your engineering team get back to real work

Give your customers the flexibility to write their own connectors that run safely inside your environment.

Non-standard protocols

Leverage existing libraries to communicate with esoteric systems instead of reinventing the wheel.

Transformation and filtering

Remove PII and anonymize data on the fly. Apply nested conditional logic without convoluted configuration.

Say goodbye to webhooks

Directly connect using real code without standing up an HTTP endpoint.

Blazing fast

Functions are compiled to WASM and cached aggressively.

Secure by default

Each execution happens inside its own sandbox with CPU, memory, and network limits.

Flexible deployment

Cloud hosted, hybrid, ByoC, on-prem. Even in-process!

Truly multi-language

Write functions in JavaScript, Python, Go, Rust, and more

Bring in custom connectors with confidence

The Riza execution runtime is flexible enough to run deep inside your cluster. Deploy it as a sidecar or embed it within your application process.

How it works

First you define the interface for your custom connector. Your customers implement this interface in their programming language of choice. Riza compiles their code to WASM and stores it in our secure private registry.

You integrate the Riza runtime into your application, either as a sidecar process or an imported package. The runtime pulls down compiled binaries from the registry, caches them and runs them on demand.

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